Pros & Cons of Temp Staffing Agencies

Temp staffing agencies can provide you with some pros and cons in the work place. Here are some things to think about to help you decide if you want to consider them or not.

The Upside

Some work is better than no work at all. With this type of option, at least you will have a paycheck coming in.

There is a chance to meet lots of new people and to learn new skills. This is also your opportunity to get some great references and for networking in your job search.

Temp jobs can help you to build a quality resume (CV).

Sometimes, an employer will decide to keep a temp if they are impressed with their work and they have an opening.  It has to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.  In this manner, this type of work can help you to get your foot in the door.   There are plenty of cases where someone signed on for six months and was still there three years later (as a temp) and was invited to sign on as a full-time employee.

You can evaluate if you like various types of jobs or not.  Try different things. You may discover something that is a good fit for you that you had no knowledge of before you tried it.

It can be exciting to try new types of work all the time. If you are a person that gets bored with routine, then you may really thrive on this concept.  Here is a list of the most popular jobs in the U.S.  See if any ring your bell.

Often, because there may not be any benefits or longevity, the pay is higher to make the position attractive.  The higher pay will attract more qualified people.  If you make a career out of temporary jobs, you will enjoy higher pay as a trade-off for the perceived security of a regular job.  With the extra money you will need to buy your own health coverage and put something away toward retirement.

Because of the temporary nature of these jobs, there sometimes is overtime involved at 1-1/2 times the pay for everything over 40 hours worked.  That extra money needs to be put aside in case there is a dry period between jobs.  (There often is).

The Downside

The amount of work you will get is unknown, and the pay is going to vary from one job to the next. This can make it very hard to budget.  

It can be stressful to work at a new place all the time, and not everyone handles it well. If you aren’t able to make friends easily or learn tasks quickly then it may not be a good fit for you.

The paperwork required to be completed for a temp staffing agency can be time consuming and difficult.

Temp work can reduce the amount of time you have available to find full time employment.

You may not like certain types of jobs that you are offered.

You may have to buy clothing to wear for particular jobs that aren’t going to last. That can be an expense you don’t wish to incur.

The hours may not fit well with your other commitments.

Chances are you won’t be earning any benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, or 401k plan for your retirement.

Reporting to the temp agency can be time consuming, but it depends on the type of paperwork that they require. It can be hard when you are required to report to the employer as well. 

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